Vacuum clamping devices

Vacuumclamping is especially useful for thinwalled parts. Bending and scratching is avoided.

The simplest vacuum clamping device is a plane slotted plate. For 3d-faces a slotted negative is used. Usually the vacuum clamping device is made from aluminum. The vacuum clamping device is directly bolted to the table of the CNC-machine.

We machine since more than 10 years with vacuum clamping devices. Due to our experience we are able to decide which workpieces can be vacuum clamped.


Vacuum is applied between workpiece and clamping device. The atmospheric pressure forces the workpiece down to the clamping device.

Advantages of vacuum clamping:

· 5 sides of the workpiece may be nachined in one setup
· No distorsion of workpiece because (atmospheric) pressure is applied to the whole surface.
· No marks from clamping, as common with mechanical clamping devices.
· Vibrations are damped because the workpiece is completely supported.
· High repeatability, therefore high precicion.
· Clamping in very short time.
· Less setups, higher quality.

If you are interested, please send your request!

· You send your drawings
· We check if vacuum clamping makes sense
· You receive our offer
· We design and produce the clamping device.
· If required we deliver clamping device including vacuum pumps, piping etc.
· If required we test the clamping device and machine your part
· You receive a complete and tested clamping device
· If required we deliver the CNC-programm including a detailed tool list

Usually 15 working days are needed from contract to delivery.

Some Examples of parts which were machined using vacuum clamping devices: