T - slot plates

Production of slot plates from aluminum (5080/5083) or mild steel, max. 1800x780mm (71” x 31”), T-slots according to DIN or customers drawing, additional holes, threads etc. if required.

Also possible plates with arrays of holes, threads, with helicoil etc.

Typical planeliness for aluminum plates 0.05mm/300mm

Clamping cubes from aluminum up to 600mm length, 6 sides machined with customer specified T-slots or holes

Machining with modern CNC-machines.


Checking of planeliness.


We produce special clamping devices according to your drawings. Or we design and produce these according to your clamping problem.
If required we deliver a tested CNC-programm with respect to your specification (machine type and size, CNC type). A detailed tool list will be enclosed.
Additionally it is possible to produce prototypes and first series in our workshop. Optimization of CNC-programm and clamping device is possible.
Special clamping devices use T-slot plates or cubes as base. Clamping is done mechanically, hydraulicor with vacuum.