Instrument housings

Instrument housings are produced in our house since more than 40 years. The housings are made of aluminum, brass or steel. Metal coated cover glasses are soft soldered to precision machined and galvanized pipes. The housings are helium leak proof. Usually these housings are made of aluminum (weight). To achieve a soft solderable layer on aluminum, the Boehm-Alstan-treatment is utilized.

Standard round housings 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch


housing material

aluminium, brass or steel


tinned by Böhm with our Böhm-Alstan-Treatment

Glas cover plate

with anti refective coating and soft soldered to the housing


Dry atmosphere inside the housing under all environmental conditions


Low stresses between glas and housing even with changing temperatures due to compensating device

helium leak proof

to < 3.6 * 10-5 Pa * l / sec


· antistatic glass
· wedged glas for illumination

Advantages: The bottom cover may be soldered in and out multiple even with aluminum housings. The Boehm-Alstan-treatment is in use since 1968 for civil and military instrument housings


First a stannat layer is applied, followed subsequently by a bronze layer, a copper layer and a tin layer. The tin layer preserves the copper layer from corrosion and is ideally suited for soft soldering.

Quality is assured by melting the tin layer on each part. The tinned surface changes from dull to bright. If failures in the electroplated layer occur, these can easily be detected in form of "bubbles".


Glas plates

 The glas plates are ground and metallized at the circumflex. An anti reflective coating is applied to the surface.

leak test

If helium tightness is required, each part is helium leak proved (Leybold Heraeus). Therefore the housing is evacuated, helium is applied at the outside. Tightness is better than 3.6 * 10-5 Pa * l / sec .


Beneath standard round housings, a big variety of housings with different flanges are produced. The cover glass may be soft soldered or bonded.

Additionally housings are produced from milled parts, sheetmetal or combination of both. The precision of these soldered housings is as good as with common machined parts. When the components are painted, the solderings are hardly to recognize