We produce complete checked units. If you desire, we accompany your product from idea to series production. We help to reach your goal cost effective. Therefore we use our know-how and 50 years of experience. Because we operate three workshops, we know the requirements of mechanical engineers for effective machining, we know the needs of electrical engineers for EMI shielding, wiring, insulation and cooling. Surface treatment, i.e. anodizing, galvanizing, painting, is done in our third workshop. You might be familiar with tolerance problems wich occur if the mechanical workshop fulfills tight tolerances, but due to electroplating in a different workshop the finished part is out of tolerances.

Forget about these problems with us, we deliver your finished product including surface treatment.

Examples for assemblies produced by Böhm

Assembly for space experiment

Two assemblies were produced for spacelab missions.

Heatpipe for cooling semiconductors in space

The heatpipes were produced in cooperation with Dornier. Dornier produced the pipes, Boehm produced the cooling fins. All parts were galvanized according to the Boehm-Alstan process and soft soldered by Boehm.

Actuator for Radiotelescope

This actuator was developed in cooperation with IRAM, Grenoble (Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique). Boehm did detail design and production. Roundabout 6000 of these units were produced for 7 radiotelescopes.

AMIR – a product for dental technicians

This is an example for a product designed and produced by Boehm, according to the idea of a customer. Mechanics, surface treatment and electronics are made by Boehm.

This tool, slightly bigger than a pencil, consists of 47 pieces. All aspects of mechanical, electrical an thermal problems where considered during the design phase. Prototypes were manufactured in our own workshops and tests were done in our house. Result is a reliable and effective instrument.

Camera adjustment jig

This unit adjusts CCD-cameras in 3-axes. It is rugged, compact and easy to adjust


Housing, ready for installation, including surface treatment

Lens adaptor

This part is used to adjust the focus of a CCD-camera. Smooth operation and true running are required. The surface is tarnished and black anodized.